FILEminimizer Office 7.0

FILEminimizer Office will help you to compress PowerPoint, Word and Excel files, and to reduce the file size by up to 98% using an intelligent office file compression software technique, which compresses pictures and objects preserving the original file format and quality. The optimized office files are then much smaller, safer and ideal for sharing and sending via email. Recipients don't need the software to edit or view the optimized files. Mailboxes, servers and networks are relieved and loading time is accelerated.
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Things that need to be fixed

Two main things. One. Does not work most of the time. FILEminimizer Office 7.0 was only able to optimize less than half of the Word and Excel documents I selected in my Documents folder, with no indication as to why. This is a monumental fail....
Thomas Raywood, 15.02.2018, 11:40
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Another thing needs to be fixed

In addition to the two problems I already outlined, there's also this third one. Even when FILEminimizer Office 7.0 proves unable to reduce a file's size, it still creates a new copy of the file alongside the original. For obvious reasons, this...
Thomas Raywood, 15.02.2018, 11:59